chibi Dorian line art by Yoiko, coloring by Whizzy

Sadistic Entanglement

Welcome, Darlings, to the entertaining, exciting, fun part of the site! I'm so glad that stuffy Major and brutish KGB agent didn't frighten you off!

As I was saying, the best part of the site is right here! Here you'll find writings to entertain you, a dictionary defining the Major's sayings to enlighten you, a quiz to help you determine in which of our three factions you truly belong, plenty of icons for your blog, lovely things to brighten your computer desktop, and even wisdom for those seeking advice in matters of the heart!

The Klaus Dictionary

What the Major says, and what he really means, are often different things entirely!

James's Calculator

Let Jamesie help you with your finances!


Writings by people like yourselves, who are obviously fascinated with me and my amazing life. And some of them are about my Darling Major, as well!


I can't promise that I won't steal anything from this gallery...but I'll try to behave myself, for the fans' sake!

Advice for the Lovelorn

Because we are happy to shed a little light into your boring, humdrum lives whenever we can!

Faction Sorting Quiz

Which are you more fit for? NATO, Eroica, or the KGB?

Fabulous Icons

Pictures of me, the Major, and several of our associates, to beautify your online journal!

Lovely Desktop Images

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

Winamp Skins

Because you can never have too much Eroica!

Eroica ML

Discuss the Major's hot ass with other fans!

Now, my dears, should you happen to stumble over any broken links along the way, do notify me, won't you? Ta, Darlings!