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Author's Chapter Notes:
Warnings: Lemon/lime, British boys' school 1974. Very young ages for the characters involved. Enter at your own risk.
"Give it back!" The shrill sound captured the attention of sixteen year old Dorian Red Gloria, particularly when laughter followed that resonant yell. "Give it back, it's *MINE*!!"

"Oh, cute," came the chuckled reply from around the corner. "How'd a cheap little thing like you get your hands on such an expensive toy, hm? Stupid patchwork orphan!"

"My father gave it to me! If you don't give it back, I'll kick you in the knackers, you nasty bastard! Give it BACK!!"

"Or what? You'll tell your daddy?" A snort sounded, full of contempt. "You haven't got the balls to kick me, you little Scottish miser!"

Dorian looked up from his novel and frowned. Someone was taunting a younger student -- something Dorian hated to see. Unfortunately, it was part and parcel of British boarding school life... except for when Dorian could help it.

Rising from the chair he'd sunken into before the great, roaring fire of the common room, he walked to the courtyard, just outside where a group of second years were holding something up and away from a small, dark-haired first year. "Give it back to him. *Now.*" Dorian demanded.

The redheaded student holding the thing up out of the boy's reach sneered. "Or what, Red Gloria? You're going to shake your queer little head at us and tell us how terrible we are?"

At THAT, a determined look crossed the little thing's face and he did it -- just what he'd been threatening! He kneed the redhead in the balls and snatched back his belonging, cradling it close to his chest. "Ha! Twit!"

Dorian rolled his eyes at the maneuver and took good stock of the looks on the other boys' faces, then said graciously, "I think it's time this little boy was put to bed. Lovely talking to all of you!" A heartbeat later his arms were clamped firmly around the smaller boy's waist and he was running -- running fast as the wind on long, long legs, the other boy tight in his arms.

A raspberry sounded, the little dark-haired thing poking out his tongue at the young men who were now chasing him. "It's MINE! And don't you forget it!" he yelled before urging Dorian, "Run faster!"

"Keep your mouth shut!" Dorian shot back, making a sudden turn and heading down a dark hallway. At the end of it was a small alcove with a curtain and he pushed the younger boy inside, silently drawing the velvet drapery in front of them and then holding a finger to his lips, glaring at the boy to be silent.

The sound of running footsteps pounded by, missing them entirely as they remained there tucked tightly into the little corner, and THAT was a relief! "D'you think they're gone?" the smaller boy whispered, looking up -- and UP, at Dorian, blue eyes wide.

Listening for a moment, Dorian peeked around the curtain and then looked over at the boy, nodding. "That was a very foolish thing you did back there," he said, folding his arms across his chest and resting against the alcove wall. "*I* could have gotten your... whatever it is back for you. You didn't have to give Helmsley one in the nuts, you know."

"He deserved it!" the boy informed him grimly, clutching the little object tightly to him. "It was mine, my father gave it to me! I won't have him taking it when it's mine!" After all, he didn't have many things at all anymore...

Dorian half smiled. The boy was rather cute when talked that way -- and such determination! He slid down the wall until he was squatting next to him. "Go on. What is it then?" he asked gently.

"You promise you won't want it?" came the slightly suspicious question. "It really *is* mine. Poppa bought it for me before..." Before he died, but he couldn't say that, so instead he held it out to be looked at by the other boy.

"A calculator?" Dorian said, looking the small device over. "Oh, well -- that's a special thing indeed, even more if it comes from your dad. Is it a good one, then?"

"It was very expensive," the boy told him with a firm nod, expression settling into misery. "My father loved me."

"Then why do you look so sad?" Dorian asked, leaning forward to peek up at the boy's face.

Hidden behind a wealth of dark curls, it was odd to find both blue eyes looking at him. "Because he died, and now all I've got's stupid relatives, and they've spent all the money he left. So, now, there's nothing." He supposed that it didn't matter if he told this boy anything; after all, everyone already knew about him thanks to his loudmouth cousin, who'd told that nasty redhead about his calculator!

"Oh, come on," Dorian said, trying to sound cheerful. "Surely there's *something*! Otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you? But... well I *am* sorry to hear about your father. That must have been terribly hard on you."

"There's nothing!" he was assured. "They even sold the castle and everything!"

"Who's paying your tuition for school then?" Dorian asked.

The boy scowled. "My uncle, but it's only because he doesn't want to put up with me at home." He shrugged. "It bothers him to look at me. My calculator was all I managed to keep hidden 'til I got here."

Dorian smiled sympathetically at the smaller boy. "Well, pardon me for saying it but he sounds like an ogre. Besides, it doesn't bother *me* to look at you. What's your name? Mine's Dorian." He held out his hand.

"I'm James," the boy told him, smiling at him brightly. "You're very pretty." He *was*, too, with golden curls that came just to his shoulders, kept short for school standards, and the bluest eyes he thought he'd ever seen!

"Thank you," Dorian said graciously, as if he'd been accepting such compliments all his life. "Are you Scottish then? You've a pretty little accent."

THAT gained him a nod. "I'm from near Inverness," he informed Dorian almost primly. "We've lived there for hundreds and hundreds of years!" Forever, or at least, that's what his father had said. "But not anymore. Now, there's just me, and I'm here!"

"You're the last of your house?" Dorian said, his voice soft for a moment. "Interesting... so am I." He put an elbow on his knee, propping a hand on it and dropping his chin to his palm. "I'm very glad you got your calculator back, James. You look much better with a smile on your face." This was punctuated by a slight wink.

*That* earned him another smile, a very definite one, and a speculative gleam came into the Scottish boy's eyes. "Would you like to go somewhere? I know a place where they give free cookies after they're two days old, and they're still very good!"

"Free, are they?" Dorian said and laughed at the excitement that was evident in the boy's face. He nearly suggested that they could go *buy* some cookies -- his treat -- when he realized that it would be in bad taste after James's generous offer.

"Very well, lead on, Master James. I'll buy the drinks."

"If we're lucky," James told him with a sly smile that fairly lit up his gamin face with happiness, "and we smile right, we might get those free, too!!"

Dorian leaned over as they stood and whispered into his ear, "It's all right, James. I have money. Whatever we can't get free, I'll pay for."

THAT gave the little thing a shiver, but whether it was because Dorian was whispering in his ear or because the notion of spending money sent chills through him, who knew? "But let's try smiling *first*," was the firm reply, accompanied by a nod.

"Oh. Right," the older boy said, winking. "I happen to have a marvelous smile that I can pull out at any occasion. Where to?"

"It's just across the way..."

The next morning, Dorian was just finishing breakfast in the school's large dining hall when he caught sight of James huddled over a small bowl of oatmeal. Checking his watch, he noticed he add an extra five minutes before debate class and decided to say hello.

"I say, is that all you're eating?" he said good-naturedly as he slid into a chair opposite the younger boy. "Doesn't look enough to hold you for an hour, let alone until elevenses."

The boy looked at him, wide-eyed, and smiled. "It's warm and very filling and I'm sure it'll be enough!" he replied with a firm nod. "If I'm lucky, it'll even hold through supper!" He was such a miserly little thing at heart! Just the thought of wasting more oatmeal than he could eat absolutely made him shiver!

Dorian put on a disappointed look. "You don't eat lunch?" he said. "'s a pity, because I was going to invite you to dine with me in town. I have a doctor's appointment and they've given me permission." He put his elbow down on the table, cupped his chin in his hand and *sighed,* blinking long, golden lashes at the dark-haired boy. "I suppose I'll have to find someone else..."

"You... really want me to go?" James asked him curiously, flushing. /Ohhh, PRETTY! And he's *PAYING*!!/ That was MORE than enough for him! "I'd love to, in that case. You're paying, right?" he asked, just to be sure.

"I *did* ask you, so of *course* I'm paying," Dorian said, smiling brilliantly before sliding off the seat and taking his satchel in hand. "I'll meet you at the south end of the quad -- 11:45 sharp. Look for my driver -- he'll be in a blue Bentley. Ta!"

With a toss of his curls, he was off, waving to James over his shoulder and still wearing that beguiling smile.

Unable to help himself, James gave a delighted little sigh and patted the calculator in his coat pocket comfortingly. /Lunch, with *him*, and he's *paying*!!/ Oh, it was bliss, utter bliss, and he could simply have jumped with joy at the thought of it!!

Instead, he finished off his oatmeal, slipping little packets of salt and sugar into the pocket opposite his expensive little machine and stood to put away his bowl, heading out into the crisply chill morning air. It delighted him, made him think of home, and he didn't even regret his little patched uniform coat, an old one of his cousin's. It was too beautiful, and he was going to have lunch with the gorgeous Dorian, and..

"Hey, *brat*!"

The same group of boys who had been tormenting him the day before were standing some twenty feet away, in front of the giant bell that had been given to the school on its founding. One of the boys, lean and tall with dark hair and a foxlike face, step forward.

"No brave knight to save you now," he sneered. "Gloria's already gone into class. Whatever will you do this time..."

Run! *That* was what he was going to do, taking off like a little wild thing, legs nearly a blur as he turned and headed in the opposite direction, running just as fast as he could go!

The boys behind him though, had much longer legs and soon caught up with him. The leader, a boy called Tom Sanders, actually scooped him up and held him aloft for the others to see.

"Here you go, lads! Easy pickings! Turn out his pockets and let's see what fun we can have!"

"STOP IT!" James shrieked, struggling miserably. Oh, damn it, it was no fair, no fair at ALL!! They were so *big*! "You leave me and my things alone!!"

"Hey, he's got lots of little sugar packets in this pocket. Little freak!" one of them laughed.

A couple of the younger boys grabbed them and ripped them open, tossing sugar all over James and his satchel. "Look! Now he can offer himself to Gloria as a sweet!" said one of them, and the boys howled.

"And what's *this*?" Tom asked, diving into the other pocket and bringing out the Casio Mini. "It's that little calculator he's so fond of! What shall we do with it, boys...?"

"Give that back!" James cried, tears dredging up despite himself. "You give that back, you give it back right now! It's mine, it's mine, *STOP* it!"

"Break it!" one of them yelled, quickly followed by another until they were all yelling for it to be done and laughing at his tears, besides.

"You're outvoted," Tom told him in mock sympathy. "I don't like doing this, but..." He dropped the calculator to the ground in front of James's feet and brought the heel of his shoe down on it, shattering the case and sending parts skidding across the ground.

Leaning down to murmur in James's ear, Tom said, "It's best if little paupers remember their places in this school. Got that?"

Unable to help himself, James dropped down to his knees, shaking fingers reaching out to touch the broken parts, the crushed glass of the display, the warped metal of the frame. "Poppa..." It was barely a whimper, trembling lips making it impossible to hold back the tears that rose. So what if they saw him crying! They picked on him already, anyway! "I hate you," he whispered to all of them. "I hate *all* of you!"

"Aw," Tom said, gathering his boys behind him, "you've cut us to the quick, you have. You just stay away from us in future -- or we'll find something else to break."

And with that, he and his followers were gone... leaving James alone to pick up all of the little pieces.

Eleven forty-five and there was no sign of the dark-haired boy he'd shared cookies with the day before; not on the south end of the quad or the north, east, or west, either.

"Where *is* he?" Dorian muttered to himself, peering out of the window of the car. "If he doesn't come soon I'll have to leave without him..." A couple of minutes went by, Dorian tapping his foot impatiently and then leaning forward to address the driver. "Wait here for just a moment, Waters -- I'll be right back."

He got out of the car and looked around the quad before calling out, "James?? James where are you?"

It was rather a silly thing to do, perhaps; calling out and expecting to get some kind of answer. He *did* get one, though, a hiccuped little sound of misery from a spot hidden behind the steps that led up to the math building.

Dorian put his head to one side and listened carefully, following the sound until he crouched behind the stairs and saw a wretched, tear-stained face looking up at him. "James! Whatever's the matter? Why are you down here?"

Helplessly, the younger boy held out the remains of his little calculator, hands shaking so badly that some of the parts fell to the ground. He scrabbled for them quickly, giving a little choked sound, tears slipping steadily down rounded cheeks. "...broke it," he managed to whisper, clutching it all close to him again.

"Oh..." Dorian face fell as he peered down at the parts, each one lovingly cradled in that trembling hand. "Who broke it? Not you, surely. You were very careful with it, weren't you?" He looked firmly at the younger boy. "Come on now -- tell Dorian who it was."

"T-Tom Sanders and a b-bunch of the b-boys from yesterday," James told him, looking up at him helplessly. "It's ruined. It's no good. I tried to make it all fit back together, but they won't fit. It's all cracked up, see?"

Looking down at the broken bits of the calculator, Dorian felt a wave of sympathy. He brought his arms up to cradle James. "Well then," he said softly but firmly, "it's time to find a good home for all these pieces and get you another calculator. Then, over lunch, we'll plan our revenge."

With a sniff, James looked at him worshipfully. "Another one?" he asked, voice a little hoarse. "But they're so expensive!"

"That's as may be," the blond boy said, pulling James to his feet, "but we can't have you running around *without* one, can we? Now, I just happen to have done a few favors for friend recently and he paid me very handsomely for them. I'm sure that a calculator would be well within my means at the present. Shall we go look for one in town?" Putting his arm around the smaller boy, he looked down at him and *smi~led*.

That was when James knew, for sure...

He was in love!

"You're wonderful," he sighed, scrubbing his face dry of tears. "I like you very much." That said, he leaned up and offered his mouth wordlessly, hoping it would get him a kiss.

"Hmm," Dorian mused, trying not to laugh at how eager he was. "You're rather adorable yourself..." Leaning down, he caught the other boy's soft mouth in a chaste but firm kiss. "Now come on, put those pieces in your pocket and let's be off!"

Almost happy now, James obeyed, sniffling as he stuffed them away. "My poor calculator," he sighed sadly, slipping his hand into Dorian's.

"Yes, I know -- they were perfect beasts to have done it," Dorian said, an arm slipping around James's narrow shoulders as they neared the car. "Did they hurt you in any other way?"

"Just my feelings," James told him. "They said that I..." He bit his lip, not wanting to say it. Dorian helped the boy into the car and told Waters to head for the stationery store, then waited patiently. "They said somebody like me should remember his place," James sniffled. Somebody without money... Grimly, he determined then that he'd have more money than they'd ever dream of having, have more of it *and* he'd keep it, all of it! And never spend any of it!

"Oh, don't listen to them!" Dorian scoffed. "When it comes to having a *place* money's got very little to do with anything. My father's a landed aristocrat, a titled peer, but he's barely got two bob to rub together, some times!"

Surprised, James looked at him with wide eyes. "But you're dressed very well, and you have a car and a driver!"

Dorian gave him a wink. "I said my *father's* sometimes out of pocket -- I'm usually in the black. It just takes... knowing the right people, that's all."

"What sorts of right people?" That was filled with curiosity, those wide eyes asking him all sorts of questions!

"Oh, well..." Dorian's smiled, thinking of the way he'd spent the last Saturday evening. "For someone like me, there are lots of... well..." He looked over at James. The younger boy certainly *looked* innocent, but how much of that was facade...? "There are lots of nice gentlemen in town who are interested in seeing that a boy lives comfortably," he finally said.

"Ohhh," James said matter-of-factly. "That. I hadn't ever thought to ask for money for *that*. There are men who give you money for it?"

"Not only just money," Dorian said, glad to know he wasn't shocking the boy too much. "But nice dinners and new clothes and... oh, the *prettiest* things! That's the best part of it, you know -- all the pretty things they buy for you, and if you find a man whose pretty himself, well..." He settled back against the seat and sighed happily.

"So you wouldn't be interested if there was no money involved then?" James asked him rather straightforwardly, frowning. "That's no good, then. I don't know if I'd want to do it for money. Everyone knows I don't have any, they might be suspicious of me stealing or something!"

Dorian laughed. "No, you're getting it all wrong! Of course I can be interested in someone without money being involved! I mean, there's sex for getting the things you want, and there's sex just because it's fun and you really like the other person, isn't there?"

"I should suppose," James answered with a thoughtful expression on his little face. "But is it fun when you're getting what you want, too? It should be, shouldn't it?"

Dorian gave him a wink. "Depends on who you're with. What sort of man do *you* favor, James?"

Thoughtfully, the younger boy tilted up his face, eyes narrowing slowly. "I like *you*," he decided, nodding firmly. After all, Dorian was pretty and nice and MUCH more fun to look at and be with than any of his relatives!

"Well *thank* you," Dorian murmured graciously. "So do all your other boyfriends look like me?"

"I don't have other boyfriends!" James informed him with a shake of his head. "Just my perverted cousin who sometimes likes to play with me. That's not so bad," he decided, "only I wish he were nicer."

Dorian blinked. "Why do you let him do it if he's not nice? Are you getting something out of it?"

With a smile, James nodded. "I get all of his old clothes and he doesn't tell my uncle about my cal..." His smile fell away as he sighed and looked at the crumbled pieces in his pocket again. "My poor calculator..."

The car had pulled up alongside the stationer's shop, but the blond boy didn't get out at once. "Why should your uncle care if you had a calculator?" Dorian asked, completely baffled.

"Because it's expensive," James told him, shaking his head so that dark little curls nearly seemed to bounce. "He could take it away from me to keep for himself or to give to someone else!"

"He sounds like a thoroughly disagreeable man," Dorian said firmly and then opened the door and held a hand out to James. "Let's forget about him completely. Come and pick out what you like."

"ANYTHING I like?" James asked him, wide-eyed, taking that hand and slipping from the car.

The blond boy laughed and told the driver to wait. "Well, anything so long as it's a calculator, all right?" he said as they walked into the shop.

"Okay," James agreed happily, though he *had* been contemplating other things that he liked!

The shop was crowded with lunchtime buyers and they had to shoulder their way to the large case of calculators at the back. Peering down at the the small machines, Dorian looked thoughtful. "They all look the same to me. Which one is best?"

"Oh, *THAT* one!" James declared, face smooshing down against the glass to peer at the Casio Personal-Mini gleaming back at him. "That one, that one! See how it shines! Oh, and lovely little buttons!" he gushed, though the sight of it made him sad for his old one. It had barely been four months old, his father having bought it for him when it came out in July and his parents having died only in August. "Oh, I like that one," he sighed, peering at it happily. It wasn't the one his father gave him, couldn't replace it, but...

"Well, then that one it is," Dorian said. He signaled a clerk and then asked James to point out the right machine.

"Oh, very nice choice little master," the man said. "That one's the perfect size for keeping in a pocket." He brought it out from the case and laid it down in front of James.

The boy nearly squealed with delight when he touched it, cradling it close, eyes lighting up with pleasure. "Ohh!! A personal-mini and it's all MINE!"

Dorian watched him, thoroughly amused. "How much?" he asked the clerk, drawing out a wallet from his school jacket.

The amount was murmured, a perfectly ridiculous number, and James could only watch wide-eyed as Dorian gave the money to the man. He almost shivered at the horror of so much money going for the thing, but the *need* for it sang in him, and he held it all the more closely for its preciousness!

"Happy now?" Dorian said, smiling down at him and taking his arm. "And you'll keep it well hidden, right?"

"Very happy," James nearly purred, cuddling the present close. "I won't show anyone, not anyone at all!" And he'd show his cousin the broken one, so that at least they could put an end to their 'arrangement', because he really didn't like it all that much, and maybe if he was lucky, he could convince Dorian to do it with him, instead!

"Good. Now we've just time for a quick luncheon before my doctor's appointment," Dorian said. He led the way outside and opened the door of the Rolls for James. "What sort of food do you fancy?"

"Anything GOOD!" James said, face lighting up with the promise of a good dinner. "But not fish. I don't like fish," he said with a firm nod.

"Mmm... steak and kidney pie, I should think," Dorian said. "Waters, please take us to the Silver Crown."

"Yes, my Lord," the man said and made a turn into the High Street.

THAT sounded like a nice place, and James snuggled up tightly against Dorian, sighing with pleasure. "Why are you so nice?" he asked, curiosity overwhelming him.

The blond boy chuckled. "I happen to like pretty things quite a bit -- and
you are ever so pretty... in your own special way."

THAT was quite enough to make James nearly swoon with delight as he dropped his head against Dorian's arm and sighed, strangely ecstatic. "Then maybe *you'd* like to do it with me?" he asked, curiosity forcing him to ask.

"Oh... well, that certainly sounds interesting," Dorian purred in reply. "Perhaps some night this week... just after lights out."

"Ooohhhh!" James melted against him, face lighting up with the most adorable smile! "Dorian!" ^_^

Taking advantage of the boy's happiness, Dorian leaned over, tilting the little chin up with one hand. "Some night soon, I should think," he whispered and then kissed him, a sweet, slow, burning thing, designed specifically to seduce. It did its job very well, the boy raising his arms to wrap them around Dorian's neck and offering himself almost wantonly to that kiss, needily, shivering against him. It felt so *GOOD*, so very delicious, to be kissed that way! To be touched...!

"Mmm, you *are* a treat, aren't you?" Dorian said softly, pulling back just a bit so he could look into James's face. "I look forward to doing this more..." Just then, the car pulled up outside the restaurant. "Shall we go in?" the older boy asked, smiling down at his 'conquest'.

"That sounds just wonderful," James agreed happily, shivering with the joy dancing through him. A new calculator *AND* lunch out! What could be better than that?

Lunch proved very enjoyable, with Dorian asking all about James's hometown and the younger boy providing a very lively picture of life in Scotland. The food came quickly and was plentiful so that by the time they left to get back into the waiting car they were very full indeed.

"We'll drop you off at school, all right?" Dorian said. "That way you won't miss fifth hour."

"That sounds good," James sighed, patting his very full little belly. It even pooched out slightly, he had eaten so much! "You have to see a doctor, then? Are you ill?"

"Oh -- no... nothing like that," Dorian said, a bit quickly. "Just... well, a check up, that's all."

"Ohhhh," the dark-haired boy said in understanding, nodding. "Isn't that a waste of money, then? If there's nothing wrong with you?"

"Well, I'm not paying for it," Dorian murmured, voice subdued, eyes firmly on the passing traffic now. "He said it was just to be certain... since he'd been away for a couple of weeks..."

Nosily, James tilted his head to the side. "To be certain of what?" he asked in confusion. "I don't suppose I understand..."

Dorian cringed inwardly, not knowing quite what to say. "You know that there are... well, *problems* you can get... from sleeping with people?" he asked.

It seemed that James *DIDN'T* know. "Like a sore bum?" he asked, blinking almost audibly.

The blond boy dropped his head into his hand. "No... no that's not what I meant," he said fighting down a sense of the profoundest embarrassment he'd ever felt. "There are," he tried again, "*diseases* you can get, if you're not careful about who you sleep with and..." Here he looked firmly away from James's curious expression. "I don't think my man was entirely careful on his last trip to London."

Those pretty lips moved into a round little 'o' of understanding, James nodding. "I see. Like you go away from home and visit someone sick with the measles and you get them!"

"Sort of," Dorian said, willing, at that point, to leave more detailed explanations to a much later time. "So he wants to make sure that I'm cle- that I'm all right."

"Ohh, that makes sense!" James decided, smiling blissfully. "I hope you're well, too!"

"Yes," Dorian said, with a soft smile. "So do I. Ah -- here's the school." Waters had pulled over to one side of the quadrangle, the hum of the Bentley's motor purring lightly. "I'll see you soon, I hope?" Dorian said, getting out of the car and holding the door for James.

"Very soon, please," James returned absolutely primly as he slipped out of the car and smiled up at the other boy, a little beam that seemed wildly sweet and just a little adoring.

"I'll look up your room," Dorian murmured, "and come and visit you some night after dark. But beware..." He placed the tip of his finger on James's mouth. "You'll never know when I'll be coming." With a quick wink, he slid back into the car.

"I'm in love!" James squealed quietly to himself as the Bentley pulled away, leaving him alone to nearly *bound* with happiness on his way to class.

Four nights later, James sat in his little flannel pajamas brushing his hair, and he sighed. His cousin had been allowed to go home for the weekend because his uncle had requested it, and he'd been left, but that actually rather suited him. He hated seeing all of the art and objects that his father's money had bought at their house, and so it was just as well that he was at school alone...

The house mother came down the corridor, knocking at all the doors and calling out, "Lights, boys! Lights! That means you, too, Weatherby. Li~ights!"

James smiled smugly, his own light long since out. It was MUCH more economical that way, and he nodded to himself firmly, continuing to brush his hair. A lovely night alone...

The leaves rustled on the trees just outside his window and while he sat, staring straight ahead, a shadow moved through the darkness, as if black were swimming effortlessly through black. The lightest touch of foot against floor and two hands covered James's eyes.

"Guess who?" a low voice whispered.

Shivering, James reached up to clasp those hands, curiosity overwhelming. It had to be... "Dorian?"

"Right in one," the older boy whispered and pressed a light kiss to James's neck. "I thought about you all day..." came the words, breathed into the dark haired boy's ear, "and I'm very impatient..."

Little shivers rippled through the smaller boy, his lips parting in wonder. "Ohhhh, I've thought about you since we had lunch!" he sighed. "Are we going to do it?"

"We can do whatever you want to do," Dorian murmured, licking softly at the tender ear he found close by. "But those adorable pajamas will *have* to come off..." As he said this, one hand slid into James's pajama top and brushed lightly across a small nipple.

It gained him a little whimper, the boy dropping his head back against him. "Oh," he whispered, sighing. "I'll take them off if you want..."

"Yes... I think I'd like to watch that," Dorian said, smiling against the skin of James's throat. "Why don't you go stand over there. I've got a torch... I can watch you take them off..."

With a tiny click, James was pinned by the light of Dorian's electric torch, a soft, glowing spot of light that the blond boy trailed over James's body. The older boy was laying on his side on the bed, head propped on one hand, the other moving the torch so he could see every inch of his new lover.

"Start with the top," he whispered, "and go slowly."

Oh, how devastatingly naughty that was! To undress in the light of the beaming little thing, buttons slowly sliding loose from flannel fabric one-by-one-by one, knowing that Dorian was watching him! It was much better than his cousin, who always simply wanted him to pull things down a bit and get it over with, which made things entirely unpleasant... Oh, but this was so nice, and he slid the top off of his shoulders and let it drop to the floor, revealing pale skin, lithely built little shoulders and chest. "Like that?" he whispered, blue eyes seeking out the boy behind the torch's beam.

But Dorian was merely a shadow, and low, resonant voice. "Oh, that's *very* nice, indeed... can you touch yourself?" he asked "Can you make your nipples stiff -- imagining me suckling them?"

He could! He could, because that voice sent little shivers spilling all through him and he closed his eyes and sighed, a hand ruffling up over flat belly to flatter chest, lightly stroking across it. "Like this?" he asked, sounding almost sleepy. Ohh, it felt so good!

Unseen, Dorian shifted on the bed and made a soft, low sound of hunger. His torch light danced on those stiff little nubs and he imagined his mouth closing over one of them. It made him ache with desire and he pressed his legs together, moaning softly in anticipation. "Now... the bottoms... only, turn around when you do it."

"Like this?" James asked him, shifting 'round and glancing back at Dorian over his shoulder, thumbs lightly finding their way into the elastic band and tugging them down to reveal no underwear at all, just a perfect, bare boy bottom.

"Ohh... my *treasure,*" Dorian breathed, focusing glowing light on the cleft that looked soft as down. How he longed to run his fingers over it... to kiss it and breath it in... "Come here this *instant*," he said softly, holding out a hand to James.

Turning, the slim fourteen year old obeyed, taking that hand and sliding into bed to find Dorian already completely naked, much to his surprise! "Oh," he whispered, eyes widening. "My!"

"I told you I was impatient," Dorian chuckled, "now come here and kiss me. It's been too long a time..."

It was so easy and wonderful to lift his face, to squirm next to that boldly naked frame and to kiss him, mouth pressed at first only lightly to those lips, but soon pressed more deeply, more firmly, bringing little sighs of pleasure with it. "Ohh... Ohhhh!"

"Mmm... you're a good kisser," Dorian murmured. "What a nice surprise." He took James's mouth again, and then nuzzled along the boy's jaw. "Who taught you how to kiss, hmm?"

"My cousin," James whispered, squirming against him and giving a little sigh, pure pleasure shimmering through him as he dropped his head back willingly. "Ohhh, that's so nice..."

"Well then he can't be that bad, eh?" Dorian said as he gave a delicate lick to the inside of James's ear. "He got you ready for me... so you can forget all about him now..."

"O... oohhhhh!" James moaned, shivering with delight and wrapping his arms tightly about Dorian's shoulders, quite pleased with himself. "That feels so... ooohhh!!!"

"Mmm... careful or you'll wake up your neighbors," Dorian whispered, pinning James's wrists to the mattress and beginning to suckle at the place between his neck and shoulder. "We wouldn't want to be discovered, would we?"

"N-no," James sighed, shivering beneath that touch. Oh, it felt so *good*, those lips knowing just where it was wonderful to be touched and tasted, and he could feel little ripples of pleasure working their way through him. "Mmmm!"

"How do you like it, Jamesie? Hmm?" the older boy continued, gradually moving down to press light kisses against James's collarbones. "Do you want me to suck you dry? Or stroke you 'til you go mad from want? Do you want me to fuck you until you beg for more? Tell me what you want... your wildest fantasy..."

"Make me beg," James pleaded on a little whimper. Oh, how delicious if he would! Hurt him just a bit, fuck him terribly and love him so wonderfully that he couldn't help but beg! Wouldn't that be beyond fantastic?

"As you wish," Dorian murmured and put a hand up to tangle in James's thick, dark hair. He looked full into the younger boy's eyes, lips brushing lips, and whispered, "Tonight you're *mine*... and I want you to do *exactly* as I tell you. Do you understand...?" As he spoke he drew his knee up between James's legs and rubbed the budding erection there.

It gained him a flex of those slim hips, the dark-haired boy's mouth parting in a sweet little gasp. "Anything!" he promised on a breath of a whisper, clinging tightly to Dorian. "Anything you tell me!"

"Good," Dorian said, giving him a sultry smile, one he'd practiced in front of his mirror for weeks the previous summer. "Now I want you to be very, very quiet... not a single sound." With that, he moved downward, rubbing his body against the smaller boy's before leaning over and taking one pink nipple into his mouth. "Mmmm..."

"Ohhh..." That was a soundless release of breath, and James arched up underneath him, nearly shaking as Dorian suckled at the little pebble of flesh. It felt wonderfully good, and he couldn't help but tremble with the sheer sensation of it! /Oh, *Dorian*.../ This was even more reason, then, to be madly in love with the sweet blond boy, and he shuddered with the intensity of it. /Ohhh!/

"Not a *sound*," Dorian breathed, the warm air caressing the nipple, now stiff with excitement. To emphasize his point, he gave it a small but firm nip before moving on the other one, taking it in and swirling his tongue around the edges... flickering it over the tip.

It was all that James could do not to cry out, to yell how good it felt aloud. Everything seemed so exquisitely sensitive, as he'd never been before, and he finally stuffed his fist against his mouth to quiet the cries he wanted to give. Oh, it felt so *GOOD*!

The boy was beautiful in his obedience, just the way Dorian himself was with the older men he knew, and he growled softly thinking of it, continuing the suckling as his hands slid over James's flanks and ghosted over the small shaft between his legs. "Uhnnn... mine..."

That light touch brought James's hips up off of the bed, an almost audible gasp singing after that touch. Ohh, it had felt so *good*! So good to be touched there by Dorian, and he trembled, shaking his head back and forth to try and keep quiet. /Dorian, Dorian...!/

Moving down again, the blond boy licked firmly at James's belly, circling his tongue around the well of his navel while his hands gently pressed James's legs apart. "Mmm... I think you want me..."

He *did*, he *DID* want him! But how could he tell him so if he couldn't talk? Only with the shift of his body, he supposed, the pressure of his lean frame rising wantonly to those caresses, legs parting easily, willfully! /Oh, love you, yes.../

Golden curls were brushing over his erection and Dorian laughed softly as he shook his head from side to side. "I like the way you wriggle, Jamesie... but remember -- no sound..." Having said this, Dorian bent his head down and licked the very tip of the younger boy's shaft.

How in all that was holy was he supposed to repress sound when Dorian was doing THAT!?!?!? That lick reverberated all the way up inside of him and he gasped, muffling it quickly by turning his head to the side. It felt so *GOOD*!!

That earned him teeth as Dorian bit lightly down on the straining head. When he was satisfied that James would not be making anymore sound, he smiled at his the stiff pole in his hand and began licking it like a lollipop, long, firm strokes. "You're delicious," he breathed. "I'll eat you up..."

He wanted to say something, anything, even a little thing, to tell Dorian how very much he liked it! James shuddered, hand muffling another of those little sobs as he rocked to meet the exquisite feel of that tongue on him, that mouth... he wanted more so *badly*! Suddenly, in one, swift movement, Dorian engulfed James completely, tugging and sucking at him, pressing his legs farther apart and cupping his balls in one hand, squeezing gently. His tongue rasped at the stiffened shaft, teeth grazing it now and then, all the while making small pleasured noises as his hair tickled lightly over James's thighs.

"Oh!" James couldn't help that startled little sound and his hands crept up quickly to cover his mouth to prevent more. It was so incredible! It felt so good, it had never felt like that before! Dorian had fallen into a steady rhythm, the bed creaking slightly in time to his movements and his own cock leaking with repressed excitement. Just as he gave out a soft growl, though, there was a hard rapping at the door and they could hear the house mother outside.

"Coming in!" she said loudly, and the door opened.

Dorian, acting on pure instinct, grabbed the covers of the bed and pulled them over himself and held very still, leaving James exposed from the waist up.

Pretending sleepiness, James rubbed at an eye and sat halfway up, clutching the covers to him. "Hmmm?"

"Where is your cousin?" the woman demanded. "And what in the name of God are you doing without your pajamas on?" Her look was something akin to horror as she gazed at him. "You're not decent - and here are your pajamas, lying on the floor!" Steely eyes narrowed. "You haven't been doing things you oughtn't do, have you?"

"I was hot," James protested, face flushing a deep red. "And my cousin was allowed to go home for the next few days. Uncle wanted him there..." Oh, he hoped she didn't pry the covers up!

Her arms crossed over her ample bosom and she said, "Put those pajamas on *now.*"

Under the covers, Dorian was doing everything he could to stifle a laugh and he moved a finger just the slightest bit and gave James's cock a little stroke.

"Yes, ma'am," James answered in a desultory tone of voice as he nearly *jumped* with that caress, leaning over the edge of the bed to grasp his pajamas and slither into the top first, sulking slightly. /Damn it all!/

Another slight move of the finger, another light stroke, and Dorian was
positively grinning under the sheets as he thought of the woman just a foot
or so away. He let his fingertip trail down slightly, well under the covers
so he knew it wasn't visible, and ghosted it over the tiny entrance he

"That's perversion, that is," the house mother was saying, watching James
closely as he put his pajama top back on. "You'll go blind doing that -- do
you hear me?"

"Y-..." His breath caught, a visible shiver creeping down his spine. "Yes,mum..." Oh! Dorian was going to torture him and it was awful and wonderful and too bad of him, all at once! /How cruel!/ he thought, slipping into his pajamas beneath the covers. "I'm sorry. I was only hot..."

"See that you keep them *on,*" the woman told him sternly, then took a last, suspicious look around the room and shut the door.

Beneath the covers came a stream of quiet giggles. "Watch out, dear James!" Dorian whispered. "You'll go blind!"

"You're so mean!" the little dark-haired creature breathed, melting into the mattress. "Oh, I can't believe you touched me that way with her there!!"

"Well, I must say, you held up *very* well," the blond boy said, peering up from the depths of the covers. "Not one single squawk. Such a good boy... shall I see if I can change that?" He wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Ohh, but what if she comes again?" James asked, wide-eyed.

"She's come once," reasoned Dorian, and then a wicked smile crossed his lips, "and you haven't come at all..." Then he bent his head to James's shaft again and picked up his rhythm again, as if he'd never stopped.

Unable to help himself, James dropped back into his pillows, hands coming up to his face, a knuckle bitten tightly between his teeth. "God!" he whispered, shuddering with the wonder of it.

"Mmm... come for me, sweet," Dorian breathed in between long, firm licks. "I want to drink you dry." He gave the younger boy's balls a firm squeeze and teased at the little pucker between his cheeks, fingertip rubbing firmly around his rim.

That little encouragement was really all it took, pure naughtiness flooding through James's veins as he gave a little gasp, the barest whisper of sound, and obeyed, unable to hold himself back at all! "Oh," he barely whispered. "Oh, oh!"

Drinking in every bit of the bittersweet fluid, Dorian clung to James's hips, letting the boy go as deep as he needed to go. Then he carefully licked him clean and nuzzled his way up to take a long, deep kiss. "Mmm... do you like the way you taste?" he whispered. "*I* do..."

"Yes..." came the dreamily whispered answer, James trembling beneath him. "Oh, yes. Very much..." Mostly, he liked coming in Dorian's mouth! So hot, so beyond wonderful... "Ohhh..."

"It's late... I should leave," Dorian whispered, lips warm against the tender skin of James's neck. "But I'll come back another night and do even more..."

"Don't leave!" It was such pretty pleading, James lifting his chin for those lips and shivering. "Please don't go..."

Dorian obliged him with another deep, searching kiss and then slid out of the bed. "I have to," he said with a soft smile. "She'll be coming to the upper floor next and if I'm not there they'll be hell to pay." He slipped into slim black trousers and a black turtleneck, then turned and gave a last smile to the boy in the bed. "I had a wonderful time... You really are the sweetest little thing."

"I... I love you," James breathed.

Dorian tousled his hair affectionately. "Don't say things like that -- you hardly know me! There's plenty of time for that kind of thing if we both want it. So sleep well, darling boy. I'll see you tomorrow."

With that he walked to the window, blew James a kiss and a slipped out of it, disappearing over the sill as if he could simply fly off into the darkness.

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