chibi Dorian line art by Yoiko, coloring by Whizzy

Sadistic Entanglement

Hi, and thanks for your interest in Eroica ML. In general, the list is meant to discuss the manga "From Eroica With Love", to read and write fanfics, and to have a good time. Since reading a long list of rules doesn't constitute a good time any more than writing one, we've come up with just a few rules which will hopefully keep things running smoothly.

  1. Be nice. If everybody's being nice, we won't have to worry about flaming or politics or any of that other junk.

  2. Comments are okay. On occasion, we'll be seeing some fanfics as they're written; they'll be in a draft state. You can give constructive commentary to anyone who asks for it; just please make an effort to be tactful (keeping Rule #1 in mind, and all that).

  3. Long strings of warnings are unnecessary. Do give proper warning if you're posting something with potentially offensive content such as lemons or spoilers. Tags like [lemon] [dark] [spoilers] [SPAMfic] and [PWP] are sufficient.

  4. Advertising contests, challenges, auctions, etc. is perfectly fine as long as they are related to Eroica or other manga by Yasuko Aoike. Scanlations are an exception, however, and should not be discussed on-list for legal reasons (in other words, to cover the admin's ass).

  5. Please refrain from posting one-liners. Any thread that involves just two or three people talking back and forth to each other should be moved to private mail.

  6. Try to stay on topic! Generally, the list is meant to discuss Eroica. Other Aoike productions are acceptable, as well, but we do have a topic and sticking to it would be a good idea.