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working date: 08.09.2007
priority: top
classification: confidential

Hello, B here. I'm not sure this is exactly what the Major had in mind, but he did suggest that I come up with ways of improving agent efficiency. I've found these programs to be remarkably effective, and it's obvious the other agents agree with me, judging by the amount of time they spend working on them. I hope you'll find these efficiency-boosting programs to be useful.

Interrogation--interrogating suspects is an important part of the spy game. Learn how the pros do it.

Concentration--for an agent in the field, the ability to focus can mean the difference between life and death. How good are you at maintaining a high level of concentration?

Message Decoder--for those times when you need to code a secure message quickly.

Face Recognition Test--how good are you at recognizing suspects, and how well would you do trying to describe them later?

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