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Yasuko Aoike's Official Website


Other Eroica Fansites

Eroicafans Belladonna

Eroica Fansites in Japanese

Charles Angels Dancing Leopard
Das Album von Klaus Der Winkel Mann
Eroica House Fancy Sauce
Honey Source Kingdom Rose de Mai
Eberbachshosa Shineitai Sachlichkeit Code Major E

Places to Purchase Aoike Merchandise

Sasuga Books Acclimate Solution
Yahoo Japan -- a search for Eroica Yahoo Japan -- a search for Aoike
Amazon Japan JP Queen
Kinokuniya New York

Helpful bits to copy-paste

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青池保子 Yasuko Aoike
エロイカ Eroica
エロイカより愛をこめて Eroica yori Ai wo Komete
エル・アルコン El Alcon
七つの海七つの空 Nanatsu no Umi Nanatsu no Sora (Seven Seas, Seven Skies)
Z Okay, so this one was a given.

Dorian's Bookmarks

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James-kun's Favorite Online Haunts!

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The Major Doesn't Believe In The Internet.

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NATO's official homepage
Firearms History Germany & Prussia: Early & modern history 13 Excuses NATO Uses for Bombing the Wrong Target
Leopard Tanks Mercedes Benz
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