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working date: 09.09.2007
priority: normal
classification: top secret (For Major Eberbach's eyes only!)

Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach is a paragon of dedication to NATO, who is severely under-ranked, under-appreciated by his subordinates and too well harassed by his enemies.


Fat. Idiot. Burn-out. Promoted out of active duty no doubt to keep his incompetance from endangering agents in the field. Needs to have all his fingers broken if he continues to show a lack of restraint in keeping his lecherous hands off other officers' subordinates.
Loyal, though I suspect he's occasionally worked with Lord Gloria's men for the sake of the mission. Neurotic about his marriage; threatening *that* (more than his wife) can serve as a good lever. Leadership skills lurk in him somewhere, and he tends to react well when in tense situations.
Where A is, B is usually at his side, whining. Still, a loyal agent, if stupid.
Despite being a flagrant transvestite, this agent proves useful -- occasionally. Nearly more trouble than he's worth, considering that he is often the target of the Chief's perverse attentions and has proven disgustingly weak against Eroica's charms.
Agent Z is a fine agent who, despite constant work, remains amateur at heart. Promoting him would cost the Alphabet a valuable, reliable field-worker.


International art thief and foppish queer, his true identity is Dorian Red Gloria, Earl of Gloria. He steals for whim and to antagonize hard-working NATO agents. Occasionally a useful resource, the man has a frustrating habit of turning up where and when he's least wanted, and causes far more trouble than he's worth. I would recommend incarceration, but he knows too much to trust him to keep his tongue.
A 'man' to avoid contact with at all costs. He is a ruthless miser, hysterically penny-pinching. Also easily manipulated by playing on his jealousy over the Earl's attentions.
The man known as 'Bonham' (real name as yet unverified) is among the most respectable of Eroica's men, and the most likely to side with NATO when a conflict occurs.
The stubborn KGB operative who thinks he's my counterpart. If he was, he wouldn't be such a failure. Still, there are worse Soviets to run into, who are less amusing. A one-time Olympic boxer, one of the few men who can hold his own against Iron Klaus in a fair fight.


The Elder Eberbach, currently in residence in Switzerland. Thankfully he seldom leaves that country to enter this one.
A loyal man who over-plans and plots along with the Elder Eberbach too often. Loyal to the family, untrustworthy for keeping secrets from the Elder Eberbach.
More proof that the British are idiots -- they consider this fool a competent agent. He plays at being a spy, more for the show and hope of attracting women than the mission. Pathetic.
A nasty Arab with too much money and poor taste. Has an overloaded plane that would do the world a favor if it crashed.

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