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We haven't had a challenge in a long time, so I'm issuing one.

The 30 years of Canon Challenge.

In July 1977, the story "Iron Klaus" was published, introducing the world to the bad-tempered German NATO officer that we all know, and Dorian loves, Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach. The challenge is to write a fic that in some way relates to a canon story. It can take place before, during, or after. OR even in the present. There are 30 years worth to play with.

There is no length requirement on this. And if you would rather do some fan art or a comic strip, please, do! Be creative!

Issued July 31, 2007 in Castle Gloria.

Characters: Dorian, Klaus

What do we really know about the Major's father? We only see him in flashback, or hear conversations on the telephone.

This challenge: write a Papa Eberbach-centric story. Any time period.

For an added bonus, a Dorian meets Papa story!


Challenge issued June 30, 2006

Characters: Papa Eberbach

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: write a James-centric story. It's just that simple. It can be of any genre, using any other characters you like--just give us JAMES!

Optional "bonus" challenge: make it Klaus/James. Go on, I dare you.

That's all. ^_^ Have fun!

Characters: James

Eroica has a varied - if frustrating/petrified/terrifying/annoying/etcetera - cast, and TONS of minor characters, few of whom get any screen time in fics.

The challenge: Write a fic/drabble that focuses on some of the more neglected characters.

Bonus Points For: Large quantities of alcohol, and/or conspiracies against (or just plain bitching about) the Major or the Earl.

Characters: A, B, Benedict, Bonham, G, James, Jones, Laurence, Mischa, Papa Eberbach, Polar Bear, Salim, The Chief, Z