Fried Potatoes Submission Rules

Submission Rules

I don't ask much of members, but here are a few guidelines:

1. When writing, please pay close attention to spelling and grammar. Spell-check and grammar-check in Word (or whatever program you use) don't always catch everything; in fact, they sometimes make it worse. So proofread. Please.

2. On a related note, eFiction, which powers this archive, has a system in which members can volunteer to act as betas for others. Whether you choose to volunteer or not, I strongly suggest that you avail yourself of the system if you don't already have a beta.

3. There's no need to include a disclaimer when submitting a story, as the site disclaimer appears at the bottom of every page. However, please do take the time to write a nice, descriptive summary for each of your stories--"Please read!" is not a sufficient summary. This is especially important as I have decided to accept untitled stories in this archive.

4. Anyone is welcome to issue or respond to challenges or "open" series.

5. Moving on to reviews: above all, be constructive. "OMG BEST FIC EVAR PLZ RITE MORE!!" is not helpful. Neither is, "Your story sucks." We all appreciate knowing just what it is that people like or don't like about our stories. How are we going to improve if we don't know what to improve?

Finally, I'd like to add that if you have any suggestions as to how I can improve the site, please let me know! This is my first time running a fanfiction archive and I am very open to suggestions. I can be reached at

Thanks, and enjoy!

-- Hunter