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We are the home of 43 authors from among our 168 members. There have been 531 reviews written about our 336 stories consisting of 710 chapters and 2269907 words. A special welcome to our newest member, HarryFinsch.

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Scrapbook by Telwoman G
The Dowager Countess of Gloria is visited by her great grand-daughter. They...
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The Happiest Day of Somebody's Life by Telwoman PG-13
Weddings aren't always straightforward affairs. There are more people than the "happy couple" with a stake in what happens.
Welcome to the fanfiction archive at Fried Potatoes !

Many of the authors represented on this site are fond of a wide variety of characters and pairings--please keep that in mind as you read, if you have specific character dislikes. Also keep in mind that, depending on whose stories you're reading, there will likely be everything from sappy mush to alternate universes to death, suffering, angst, terrible puns, happy endings...and of course smut.

In addition to the fiction, we also have a couple of Eroica-related essays, with more in the works.


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Long-Overdue Update

Until today, I hadn't done much of anything with this archive for several years (not for lack of interest; I've just been insanely busy for a very long time). During that period, the archive apparently had several influxes of spammers who created nonsensical profiles, stories, and series, and left hundreds of spam reviews. 

I have spent most of today deleting all of that crap and creating a backup of the archive in its current state. All of the fake members, reviews, etc. should be gone now. I have also changed a couple of site settings:

1. Authors can now delete any and all reviews on their stories, not just anonymous ones. This means that if you get more spam in the guise of feedback (or if I missed some), you'll be able to remove it immediately. Please also use the "Contact Us" link in the top menu to send me the name of any account that leaves a spam review on one of your stories, so I can delete that user. 

2. Stories by non-validated authors will be reviewed (by me) before they appear on the site. This version of eFiction doesn't allow the admin to require that all newly created accounts be approved before they post anything, so this is the only way to prevent people from posting "stories" full of gibberish and dubious links. If you aren't validated and would like to be, please contact me.

I'm sorry I've been a negligent admin! I will be keeping a much closer eye on things from now on.



--Hunter on 23/02/2018 13:11