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What happens when all the annoying characters get together? They form a support group, that's what. But what if even they find the character annoying? Crossover and parody.

Rated: G
Characters: Caesar Gabriel, Dorian, James
Genres: Crack, Crossover, Humor
Warnings: None
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Series: Humor, Nonsense and Crack!fic
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Word count: 2324 Read: 6793
Published: 17/03/2006 Updated: 17/03/2006

1. Support Group Meeting by Margaret Price [Reviews - 0] (2324 words)
I originally had this in mind for James, switched to Doctor Who and then went with a crossover. It is Dorian sans Klaus this time. There are a few Doctor Who in-jokes that may not be understood, so I apologize in advance. I have linked the Who characters to photos so those unfamiliar with the characters will at least know what these people/things look like. All you need to know is that Adric is considered one of the most annoying characters among Whovians. He is equivalent to Westley Crusher of ST:TNG among Trekers.