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Story Notes:
FanFic 100 prompt: 017 - Brown
Pyramid Dares: Set 2, Level 10 - Wrong assumption

Color Seven - Brown

Leaving Only A Trace


Dorian awoke from a glorious dream about a night of passionate lovemaking with his beautiful Major. But unlike all the other occasions when this happened, the smile remained on his face because this time--finally--it had not been a dream.

Dorian had no idea what had possessed the man to actually acquiesce to his sexual overtures. He had almost been too shocked to actually carry them out.


But how could he possibly stop when the Major was returning his kisses with a passion he never dreamed he was capable of? After that, there was no stopping him.

Now Dorian found himself faced with the difficult question of how to proceed from this point on. How much had last night change things? How much would it change him? Change the Major? It had taken decades to get the man into his bed, and Dorian wasn't about to delude himself into thinking that he would be getting the man out of the closet any time soon. In fact, he would not be surprised if the Major never came out. Then again, so long as the man continued to acquiesce, Dorian could live with his secret. Their secret.

The more he thought about it, the more Dorian found himself hoping that the Major--his beautiful Major--would want to keep their relationship a secret forever. His Major, all to himself. This thought made him smile all the more. A smile that vanished when he rolled over to look at the sleeping Klaus, only to find the place beside him empty. He reached out to touch the mattress, discovering that it was cool.

Dorian sat up, looking round the room. He felt his heart turn over when he saw the only clothes still strewn on the floor were his own. Gone. He ran a hand over the empty pillow. The only trace of the Major were the long hairs that tangled in his fingers. He closed his eyes, his fingers closing into a fist around the strands of long brown hair.

I chased him away. I wanted too much, too fast. Did he think I would gloat? That I would...?

"About time you woke up."

Dorian actually jumped, a startled cry escaping him. He looked up sharply, seeing the Major standing in the bedroom doorway, fully dressed. Clearly, he had showered, shaved, and dressed...but had not abandoned him.

You stayed! You could've left me but you didn't! My God, Major, I think I love you all the more.

The shocked look on the Earl's face brought an amused smile to the Major's face. He crossed to the bed and sat down, scowling at the hairs that were still clutched in the Earl's hand.

"I've heard of clutching at straws..." This was as far as he got. Then next thing Klaus knew, he was being hugged tightly.

Dorian closed his eyes when the man embraced him back. "I thought I'd frightened you off," he said in a small voice.

This actually took Klaus by surprise. After what they had done the previous night, he thought it was rather obvious that he had stopped running. When he started to chuckle, the Earl pulled back to look him in the face.

"What's so funny?"

"You thought I'd gone and I've been waiting nearly two hours for you to wake up."

Dorian's eyebrows went up. "Really?"

Klaus nodded. "Two hours dreading..."

"That I would become Eroica and...gloat?"

Klaus's eyes flickered, but he did not answer directly, saying instead, "And then I find you thinking that I'd..." He shook his head. "After last night, did you really think that I would just...leave?"

Dorian gave him a watery smile. "I didn't think you'd ever say yes, to be honest. So..." He gave the man a steady look. "Oh, hell. Considering how I've always acted around you...I wouldn't've blamed you had you decided to miss this morning entirely."

Dorian saw an odd look pass behind the man's dark green eyes. A moment later, a hand reached up to gently caress his cheek. He closed his eyes, the strands of brown hair dropping from his fist when a soft kiss was placed on his lips.

"I've missed too much already."

* * *

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